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The Poultney-Mettowee Watershed Partnership is a project of the Poultney-Mettowee Natural Resources Conservation District in Vermont and the Washington County Soil and Water Conservation District in New York with funding provided by the Lake Champlain Basin Program and other partners.  A steering committee, made up of individuals and representatives of many different stakeholder groups in the watershed, will make recommendations to the Conservation Districts for management priorities and on-the-ground project activities.

The mission of the Poultney-Mettowee Watershed Partnership is to bring together the efforts of citizens and organizations that share the common vision of conserving, protecting, and enhancing the natural and cultural resources of the watershed.

A project can be many different things, including picking up trash at a favorite swimming hole, building rip rap at an eroding streambank, fencing cattle out of a stream, building recreational or interpretive trails, educating youth about the environment or hundreds of others. Many projects are already underway and others are scheduled to begin soon. Community volunteers will accomplish much of the work with leadership and funding developed by the Partnership.


Partnership Goals:

  • To improve water quality.
  • To enhance and interpret wildlife populations and habitats and other natural resources.
  • Maintain a healthy agricultural-based economy while protecting, restoring, and conserving the soil and water resources of agricultural land.
  • To educate youth, educators, adults, residents, and visitors about conservation practices and the environment around them.
  • To maintain and enhance agriculture-related activities and nature-based recreational opportunities.

A watershed is the land that water flows across or under on its way to a stream, river, or lake. Within the watershed all water eventually flows to the lowest point. On the way, water travels over the surface of the land and across farm fields, roads, forested lands, lawns, or it travels underground as ground water.

The 309,000-acre Poultney-Mettowee Watershed is located in 17 Vermont and New York towns. The watershed is compromised of a combination of farmlands, forested areas, villages, and rural communities. These areas are home to a diversity of wild and domestic plants and animals including several rare and significant species.

Public involvement:

Public involvement is key to the success of the Watershed Partnership.   Public forums and surveys are only two of the many methods of assessment conducted by the Districts.  Input from the public is always welcome and encouraged. This website has been created in order to provide people with another way to participate in identifying projects or commenting on plans.







For more information or to help out contact Marli Rupe or Joe Driscoll.

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